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Every Moment is a Memory

The Band of Infinity™ statement is a simple, yet powerful statement. It says "I love you, I support you. We stand united".

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Now, more than ever, we have to let our organizers and leaders know that we cannot, will not, allow any of the rights we have all fought so hard for to be diminished. We stand for equality and social justice for everyone.  

History of BOI

The Band of Infinity™ was inspired by the March on Washington in 1993.  At that time, there was considerable discussion about the number of attendees and whether or not there really was/ is a significant population of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans-genders.  Despite an extensive platform of demands, heated debates still argued against our rights to be treated equally under the same laws as any American citizen. 

Whether it was 200,000 or 650,000 in 1993, the number pales in comparison to the vast amount of people coming out to declare our rights.  In each subsequent march it has been confirmed that the ‘official’ count varies dramatically from that of the media and the organizers.

To give a visibility to our sheer numbers, the idea to make rings, each with a sequential number proudly stamped on the outside, became the Band of Infinity™.  Every ring bears the Infinity symbol opposite the numbers.  Each number represents one, unique person willing to state that they are a member of the community or a supporter of the rights of the community. 

Since 1995, the Band of Infinity™ (over 59,700) has been uniting individuals around the globe; couples, friends, family, co-workers.  It is a statement of love, support and belonging.


Each ring is hand stamped with a unique, sequential number. It is ideal for lovers, best friends and extended families. A single ring unites with every other Band of Infinity™ and is never alone.